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dimanche 24 août 2008

Frescos & Company

One of these just opened a few doors from my work - I'm going to miss working there :(

I went in - it was a bit intimidating because the store looks pretty much empty except for 2 walls of 'fridges' on either sides... But the lady at the front desk quickly came to help out, and she was pretty friendly... I liked the idea of this store - it seemed like the healthiest way to have 'prepared' meals, without it being 'processed food', so I gave it a try - I had the Tomato & Dijon Chicken Pasta.

It comes in 2 neat containers - a smaller one that contains raw chicken, and a bigger one with the sauce, veggies and pasta...

You basically stir fry the chicken for 5 minutes, add the veggies, cook for 2 minutes, add noodles and sauce, and cook for 2 more minutes... The veggies and chicken looked pretty yummy in the pan:

It was pretty good, 3 good servings, which is great for a meal for 2, and one lunch the next day... That's 3 meals for 10.99 +taxes... Not sure if I'm right, but I counted 7 points for it, and I was pretty full... It tasted good, I liked that it had fresh spinach, tomatoes and yellow zucchini... It wasn't the greatest meal I've ever had, but it was pretty good... 100 times better than lean cuisine!! and S liked his meal too!! :)

But also, I liked that I didn't have to gather all those ingredients, cut them up, dirty a ton of dishes... It was a one pan, 10 minutes deal... Good thing for a lazy person like me ;)

I will try other items from the store and see if they're as good... They have a good amount of meals to pick from - there's a good 6 to 7 other items on their menu I would like to try... and a bunch of lunch salads as well...

I would do it again! :)

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Laura a dit...

That looks delicious! I miss your French posts. Peut-être je dois laisser plus de commentaires en français?